Social Media Marketing A Brief Outline of SMM

What is SMM?

The use of social media and social networks as a tool for marketing the products / services of a company is called as Social Media Marketing. The use of social media platform enables the companies to reach potential customers, engage with existing customers, and also allows them to promote their brand. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are some of the common platforms used for SMM.

Key factors in Social Media Marketing:
  • Formulating a strategy: To do this, rigorous research is needed to understand the target audience. After reaching a clear understanding about the needs of the target audience, we can determine the goals and then come up with various strategies. Which social media channels to use, what type of content to share needs to be determined.
  • Plan and Publish: It’s time to give shape to the content, which means to plan about whether to use video, images, gifs; what to include in the script etc. needs to be planned before publishing it. Captivating content, which delights the audience and gains their attention is quite essential.
  • Scrutinizing our work: Once we are done with publishing, the next job would be to monitor and perceive the reaction of the users, customers about our posts and how it is reflecting upon the brand. Whether the content placed in our posts is engaging enough or not, is something we should be aware of.
  • Analyze and report: It is crucial to analyze the reach of our posts, track the conversion rates etc., and formulate a report which gives a clear picture of the impact created by our posts. It is essential to create posts which have a huge impact on the audience, and we can do so with the help of the reports which show the performance of our previous posts.
Importance of Social Media Marketing:
  • Rising brand awareness: Since almost everyone actively maintains a social media presence, it becomes easier to reach a wide number of people through social media, thereby exposing your brand to a large of people and increasing the brand awareness. When people like what they are seeing, they share it amongst their circle and raise awareness about the brand.
    • Increases traffic: By linking your website to the social media, you can ensure a tremendous hike in the traffic to your website. Social media provides a bigger platform for your brand to be discovered by potential customers. Inbound traffic rapidly increases when you maintain an active presence on the social media platforms.
    • Promote affordably: One of the most important benefit of Social Media Marketing is you can reach a wider range of audience at a lesser cost, when compared to traditional modes of advertising. Create a social media account free of cost and spend affordable money on campaigns. SMM is the most cost – effective method for promotion, as you can expand the reach of your brand and target more number of people at a very affordable cost.
  • Higher conversion rate: As the visibility of your business increases, so do the opportunities for conversion. Every post that you share, image, video, is bound to fetch more traffic to your website and you can establish a positive image about your website. Posting organic content, relevant to the search of the customers is surely going to keep the visitors engaged and they will be looking forward for more.
    • Customer satisfaction: Social media allows you to interact with your customers without any barriers. Customers are sure to be satisfied when they receive a personalized response to their queries. Social media is a networking and communication platform that humanizes the company. Often people want to deal with people and not the company itself, due to which the social media platform provides the added advantage of personal touch to the brand.
    • Tell your story: Another important strategy is to build a bond with your customers. To do this, you can use the social media platform to tell your story, the story of your brand. Communicate with the customers about the journey of your brand, the vision and mission, your goals and aspirations. Captivate the audience with your story on social media and make them feel connected to your brand.
    • Retarget your audience: Some customers may not purchase the product/service on the very first visit. Which is why, by using cookies you can keep a list of people who have visited your website and retarget them. Your ads are displayed to the customers on various social media platforms and you can retarget them.
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