Advanced Digital Marketing Course Training Institute in Nuzvid

For Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Job-Seekers
( 1 Training Program, 6+ Google Certifications )

Digital Marketing training Institute in Vijayawada
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What is it all about?

Our Digital Marketing Course with certification training program is developed for Students, working professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers. Will be taught to you by industry leading experts in digital marketing. You will learn how to drive traffic to your business website from various mediums like social media, search engine, banner advertising etc. Then you will also learn how to maximize the profitability of that traffic using our specialized module of lead generation. Every module is taught by a Digital Marketing expert. You’ll be trained on live projects in this Digital Marketing Course.
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Practical Digital Marketing Course Training in Nuzvid for Job seekers, Professionals & Business Owners

That is why; we at TICTAC Digital Marketing, one of the best digital marketing Course training institutes in Nuzvid, have come up with a professional standard Digital Marketing training course. As one of the pioneers in the industry, we have seen the lack of properly trained professional digital marketers in the IT market in recent times. However, the demand is ever increasing. The main factor that makes us the best center for SEO Course training in Nuzvid is our expert trainers who are well aware of the industry and right practices.

Digital enthusiasts or anyone looking to transform their career by enhancing their knowledge of digital marketing. Our courses specialize in creating unique digital strategies and course modules. We stand out in the fast-growing digital marketing industry by providing world-class training.

To meet this demand, we have carefully designed our digital marketing course at Nuzvid with syllabus that will impart complete knowledge of the digital marketing field to the learners.

What You Will Learn in this Digital Marketing Course?

Digital marketing overview

Learn the foundation of digital marketing along with complete understanding of digital marketing processes

Website creation

You will learn how to create your own website, even if you don't know how to code. In fact, you will be making your first website with us.

Search Engine Optimization

How to do keyword research and get ranked on the most profitable keywords on Google to get the most targeted traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Learning how to communicate to your targeted audience via social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Google Analytics

Learn how to interpret Google analytics data to make better decisions in your digital marketing campaigns.

PPC Advertising & Adwords

How to run profitable paid traffic campaigns on Google Adwords and other PPC networks including Facebook ads

Display advertising

Understanding the advanced principles of getting targeted traffic from related websites via display advertising.

Mobile marketing

Learning how to responsive design, MMS and SMS messaging campaigns, mobile advertising, app development and even mobile innovations

Email Marketing

Learning the use of both bulk email and solicited email marketing along with automation processes via autoresponders.


Blogging is much more than just writing and publishing content, learn how to become a super blogger.


Learn from our master trainers how to start your career as a digital marketing freelancer quickly.


Our Trainees feedback

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Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector and there is huge workforce demand for companies Like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Flipkart etc. Since 2012, Companies are focusing more on Digital Marketing and increasing their Online Ad spends Year on Year. All this is because their target audience is spending most of their time on Internet than others platforms like – TV, Radio, NewsPapers, etc. So it’s making sense for the companies to spend more where users are spending most of their time. This is not just limited to  India, but same is the case worldwide across all business sectors.
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