What Is SEO? Why Is SEO Important?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process which involves several techniques that help in optimizing the web content related to a brand. In other words, it is a practice or a process of increasing the visibility of the site with reference to the relevant searches and also to increase the quality, quantity of traffic to the website.

A quick peek at how SEO works:

Before we talk about that, let us take a simpler step first towards understanding the working of SEO. Now, you all are familiar with search engine right? You use this almost on a daily basis, wherein you type in a query or look for something and voila, a list of results related to your search appears in front of you. But have you ever wondered how those long lists of links to webpages appear on your screen?

Here is how it happens:

  • Crawl: The Search Engine has a crawler which scours the internet and gathers the content, looking over the code/content for each URL they find.
  • Index: This involves storing and organizes the content found during the crawling process and indexing it, after which it’s in the running to be displayed as a result to relevant queries.
  • Rank: It provides the pieces of content that will best answer a searcher’s query, which means that the results are in the order ranging from most relevant to least relevant.

To put in simple terms, when a user enters a query in the search engine, it deploys crawlers which comb through the maze of internet and gather the links of the web pages with the relevant information. After crawling, Google is going to index, which is the process of creating an index for all the fetched Web Pages and storing them in a huge database from where it can later be retrieved. After all the mentioned process the search engine displays the user query results.

If you are wondering, how does Google determine which page to return for a given search? Here are some of the ranking factors of Google algorithm which can ultimately affect the traffic to your site:

  • Google starts by looking for those pages which contain high quality and relevant information in which is relevant to the user query.
  • The relevance of your websites content to the searcher’s query is determined by crawlers which evaluate the relevancy based on the keywords used and its consistency.
  • The number of backlinks and the quality of those backlinks is also a key factor.
  • The time taken to load the site and its compatibility with both desktop and mobile.

There are several other factors that are taken into account by the Google algorithm, which are updated regularly for providing a smooth user experience.

There are two categories in SEO namely:

1. On -Page SEO

It refers to factors on your own website that you can optimize such as the underlying code and the content. On -page SEO involves carefully choosing of the keywords and where to use them, posting educational and relevant content, inbound and outbound links etc.

2. Off -Page SEO

Off page SEO refers to techniques you can use to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page (SERPs). These techniques are not practiced on our website but are done away from it, in order to gain more rankings and exposure. Creating quality backlinks to your website from external sites, guest blogging are some of the techniques of off-page SEO.

Importance of SEO

  • A key function of SEO is to increase visibility, thereby making it easier for potential customers to find you in their search results. The higher the ranking in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) the higher will be the chances of potential customers to see and click to your site.
  • Increasing the web traffic is one of the main goals of SEO and if you want more people to find your website then you need strong SEO practices to rank among the top 5.
  • A website which is authentic, with good quality and relevant content is said to have authority. The more authority the website has, the higher will be the rankings and thereby attracting greater number of traffic.
  • SEO is essential to provide a seamless user experience and thereby build a quality relationship with the prospective audience. It drives more traffic to the site which can lead to increase in sales.

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